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Selecting the correct conveyor belts for the confectionery industries

Selecting the correct food belt for the application is very important when you are producing high quality confectionary items. The confectionery industry requires the handling of various chocolate and sweet items, all requiring a belt with the relevant properties to handle the application.

Environmental and ingredient compatibility

The belts must be able to work both in the environment and with the ingredients being used to produce the confectionary. The following need to be considered when selecting the right belt for your operation, heat, moisture, and the ingredients being used.


When the product is being transferred between operations, the belts ability to flex over a rolling nose bar or a knife edge is very important in the selection of the correct belt.

Release properties

The belts ability to release sticky products at the correct time will affect the feed rates and output volumes, so it is important the correct materials and compound are selected for the operation in question.

Additional factors to be considered

  • Resistance to chemical and oils
  • Resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • Consistent temperature transition
  • Hygiene and ease of cleaning

GB Belting carry a wide range of conveyor belting and using our knowledge and experience we can recommend the correct belt for any application you may have, Materials including polyester along with specialist non-fray materials, compounds such as PVC, PU, Silicone and plastic, together with a large selection of profiles and customised fabricated features.

We have the solutions for the following applications

  • Forming of bars of chocolate
  • Enrobing
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Inclines and elevating the products
  • Packaging and feeding of the wrapping machines
  • Coating lines
  • Metal detection
  • Transfer belts
  • Check weighing

Whatever your requirements GB Belting can fabric belts with specialist compounds and profiles, using UPVC and PU that is easy to clean and has a positive drive. We can also supply speciality solutions with cleats and sidewalls, GB Belting will supply the correct belt for your applications giving you less downtime, reduce waste and give you a high value return for your application.

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