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Reducing downtime with better belt fastenings

Increasing demands for the reduction in downtime has put maintenance teams in an awkward situation.

One of the maintenance manager’s responsibilities is finding products to improve the running of their plant. However, the risks don’t always outweigh the potential rewards. As the maintenance team know how their existing belts perform, managers can develop a plan to change them without disrupting production runs too much.

But the fact is, the weakest part of any conveyor belt is the splice or join. Belt failures can normally be attributed to either poor installation, a wrong pin, incorrect lacing on the belt, or the belt has reached the end of its life.

However the cause of the belt failure is normally easy to diagnose.

It is also relatively simple task to examine your existing belt to find if there is any mechanical lacing that will extend the life of your belt. It may be that making a small adjustment like changing the grade of metal, changing the type of pin used, or changing the lace can make a major difference to the belt life, even on the same material.

There are a wide variety mechanical belt fastener and the right one can be carefully selected for your application requirements. Also, GB Belting can offer specialist splicing fabrications and techniques to extend the life of the belt and or minimize down time on your production line.

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