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A guide to selecting the correct belts within the bakery industry

Consumers taste for bread products has changed significantly over recent years and getting the correct belt for the application is very important in producing high-quality bread.

It now takes a selection of belts to handle the production processes of the different varieties of breads being made. Traditional white bread consumption is now being replaced with various speciality breads including multi-grain and whole wheat. Todays consumers are now looking for more variety in taste and texture, as well as the healthy option.

The factors in the selection of the right belt for the relevant application are:


When the product is being transferred between operations – you must consider whether it is a tight transfer of the finished product, forming the rolls, or dumping the dough. The ability of the belt to flex over a knife edge transfer or over a rolling nose bar are important points when considering the right belt to select.

Gripping, releasing, and feed rates

Gripping and releasing the product at the correct time can greatly affect the output volume and feed rates. Selecting the correct material and compounds for each operation allows the product to be released efficiently. At GB Belting our experience and knowledge, will ensure we recommend the correct belt with the correct flexibility that will work best on your conveyor systems.

Belt compatibility with the ingredients and the environment

When you are producing speciality breads, the conveyor belt must be compatible with the environment and the ingredients being used. The dough consistency, moisture and heat are factors which must be considered before selecting the correct belt. At GB Belting, we stock a wide range conveyor belting with fabric construction specifically designed for the environment and production quality breads. With a large selection of belts to choose from – whether you are specialist bakery shop or a high-volume bakery – we can handle any application you may have.

Not sure which belt would be best?

Our aim is to help you run your operation to its maximum, reducing waste, and downtime.
We have the experience to assist you in selecting the correct belt for whatever your application requires. We will ensure the belting we supply meets all your criteria, accommodating the flexibility, ingredient and heat compatibility, load-carrying capacity, and release characteristics your operation may require.

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