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Can V-Guides help with your Belt Tracking

To help with the positive tracking of your belts, a guide strip is often added onto the underside of the belt, the most common shape used is a V shaped guide, they can also come in a rectangular and square shape as well. We have also developed notched guides for use on smaller pullies.

Tracking guides are often used on conveyor systems loaded side on, reversing and wide conveyors.

The tracking guide will not help the tracking of the belt on a badly made conveyor system, the system ideally should be able to track the belt using standard methods, the guide strips will help greatly with the trackability of the belt.

As a rule of thumb, a larger pulley is normally required when you are using guide strips on your conveyor belting. Softer and notched usually operate better around smaller pulleys.

It is not always correct that two tracking guides are better than one, when the conveyor is designed it will require a lot more precision in the where the guides go, if you want two guides on your conveyor belting.

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