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GB Belting Tenders for the Supply of Process Belting to a Major Vehicle Manufacturer

GB Belting is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of process and conveyor belts.

“Our strength is our diversity and speed of service. We know our clients need to have their belts running 24/7 and they can’t afford to have a production line stopped due to a belt failure.”
Jeremy Byrne / Managing Director / GB Belting


GB Belting (GBB) was asked to tender for the supply of process belting to a major vehicle manufacturer. The company manufactures bumpers for various models in its injection-moulding in-house facility. These models range from small hatchbacks through to crossovers and SUV’s. As new models are produced, the company would mould more variants of bumper components for the production runs and the servicing and repair market. Due to its success with vehicle sales growth and increased model lines, the current production line needed modifications to handle the new components.

Approach and Solution

The client’s bumper line featured 60-metre-long conveyors with product traps. In order to maintain a very busy production schedule, the conveyors transport bumper parts at a speed of approximately one every 15 seconds. The complete project was managed by GBB. All site surveys, project specification plans, manufacture and installation planning was carried out during a window in production to enable full installation and testing over the Easter break. The design was heavily scrutinised to ensure it met strict EU standards and the client’s own demanding Mechanical & Electrical specifications. GBB completed several site surveys to establish the necessary design information before submitting the proposals to the client. The contract included commissioning the reconfigured production lines working in conjunction with the company’s maintenance and production teams, as well as user training to ensure the client could handle future production line maintenance. GBB ensured the client had its production lines running for the start of the Tuesday shift following the Easter break.

Outcome and Advantage

  • GBB offered a full end-to-end project solution.
  • Successfully delivered during a critical downtime window.
  • Designs met stringent EU and client standards.
  • Training provided to support future maintenance programmes.

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