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How Monolithic belting helped a Food Processor Cut costs

A food Processor in the North East of England was experiencing major issues with belt tracking and fraying of the edges, which were causing issues during their quality audits.
The companies production line start with the raw product being dumped into hopper, then the product is then sent via conveyors to blended, sorted and packaged, the degree of the sorting, processing and packaging is determined by the product requirements of the end user ( Diced, shaped, packaged individually or in multiple packs).

The Challenge

The existing belts worked well, in regard of their durability, but constant expose to water and uneven loads, causing the belts to mis track, rubbing the edges of the belts causing them to fray. The fraying and tracking was a problem highlighted during their quality audits.

The Solution

The customer got in touch with GB Belting seeing if we could supply a solution to the tracking and fraying problems. It was decided that a self tracking positively driven, polyurethane monolithic bel, it was also decided in the event of any of the belts requiring flights, the flights would be indent slightly.

The Outcome

Usually, the fraying and the belts mis tracking would begin within a few weeks of operation. With the new monolithic belting, the belts did not fray or mis track, exceeding the expectations of the customer. Since the belts were lasting much longer, the customer was saving money and reducing downtime for maintenance, replacing belts. Their Quality and Hygiene audits outcomes were now much better, with the new belts and the food processor is now operating at the highest ratings achievable.

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