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Mesh Belting

Meeting the highest hygiene standards

Our mesh belts meet the highest demands of hygiene standards and comply with FDA and EC 1935/2004 requirements. All belt parts – screen, stabilising strips, cleats or splice are very easy to clean and support hygiene systems such as HACCP.


Mesh belting is mainly used in the de-watering and drying of washed, fresh cut vegetables. They can also be used in cooling processes, recycling of used washing water, waste water treatment, filtering, sieving and squeezing.

Main product features

Polyester mesh conveyor belt has high permeability and good product release which delivers high production output with a wide range of mesh openings available. It’s easy to clean and disinfect and supports HACCP systems therefore ensuring reduced possibility of product contamination.

The benefits of GB Belting products

We fabricate mesh belts using solid PU accessories to prevent delamination and fabric contamination. This ensures that the belt is hard wearing, chemical resistant and offers optimum performance and extended life.

Polyester Mesh Belt


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Onsite belt surveys

– carried out FOC to enable us to offer replacement belts in the shortest possible lead times to keep your down time to the minimum.

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