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Monolithic – Sprocket Driven Belting

Do you use modular monolithic belting?

If you use modular belts and would like to reduce cleaning time & costs, reduce noise levels in your facilities and use a belt that lasts longer because it’s made of superior materials then GB Belting have the product for you.

Solid polyurethane, sprocket driven belts

Our belts are the next generation of belting for the food industry. It’s a robust, solid polyurethane product that is driven by industry-standard 1″ or 2” pitch sprockets. It has all the major advantages of modular belting, but none of the disadvantages.

Easy to install, suitable for heavy loads

Depending upon the application we can offer 1” or 2” pitch versions, with or without tensile members, with good elongation properties, making them suitable for heavy loads. They are designed to elongate up to 2.5% at full load during operation and then relax back to its original state when the load is removed. A 1m wide polyester belt can convey a load of over 10 tonnes.

Thorough cleaning

These belts are very easy to clean. Materials used are compatible with wash down environments and the high-impact polyurethane materials make sure belt surfaces remain smooth and easy to clean – you will spend less time cleaning and generate less waste water. The material has solid polyurethane edges, which combined with the absence of rods and modules makes it the most hygienic conveyor belting product available to the market, which can be cleaned to a microbiological level.


Belting with flights




– we have a large range of splicing accessories and fabrication equipment for onsite repairs and maintenance.


– we can provide a wide range of flights (also known as risers or cleats) to assist moving product up an incline or resist roll back.
On Site Surveys

Onsite belt surveys

– carried out FOC to enable us to offer replacement belts in the shortest possible lead times to keep your down time to the minimum.

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