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Pillow Flight Belting

Packing fruit and vegetables can be a delicate process. Soft fruit and vegetables can be bruised or marked very easily, and in the retail environment the cosmetic characteristics of these products are important because customers will not buy bruised or damaged produce. Many of these products are not uniformly shaped, conveying them from the field to the finished package throughout carries its own unique challenges.

Pillow flight conveyor belting was designed specifically for the handling and processing fruits, vegetables, and other delicate items. Standard flights can have sharp corners, are rigid, and can mark or damage soft foods as they carry them up any incline conveyors. Pillow flights are the exact opposite and will not mark or damage the product being carried. They can be fitted on any belt with any spacings you may require and are ideal for bulk incline applications and or maintaining important spacing requirements.

Pillow belting


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