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Vacuum Belting

Our vacuum belts are used in many industries and keep flat or lightweight products against the belt during movement or elevation changes. They can be used in systems for food processing, clean rooms, pick and place equipment and joinery products such as doors. Our technical sales team are available to audit your systems and advise on the best configuration. Any cut outs are done in-house using our CNC machine.

Woodworking belts

GB Belting have a range of ‘high grip’ conveyor belts that are perfect for woodworking firms operating sanders, planers, gaugers or calender machines. The combination of a high-quality elastomer surface and polyester substrate makes for a conveyor belt a high coefficient of friction that will ensure products stay in place when moved at high speed on your production line.

Developed specifically for American and European woodworking machines, our wide range of profiled rubber belts will hold all sizes and weights of wood products from domestic doors to kitchen doors and drawer fonts.

The pocket depth is designed for optimum grip and this can be fabricated for vacuum machines by drilling a hole into the pocket. All manufacturing processes are undertaken in our own factory using CNC machinery so you get consistent quality every time. Dust is either carried away as the belt flexes over end rollers or it is extracted using a combination of vacuum and end roller dispersal. We offer:

  • High relief surface pattern – features a 25mm x 5mm relief (with 5mm spacing this gives around 45-55% of total belt surface) with a rating of 1.0 for coefficient of friction.
  • 10mm Square surface pattern – features a 10mm x 10mm relief (with 6mm spacing this gives around 50% of total belt surface) with a rating of 0.75 for coefficient of friction.
  • 15mm Square surface pattern – features a 15mm x 15mm relief (with 7mm spacing this gives around 40-50% of total belt surface) with a rating of 0.70 for coefficient of friction.
  • Diamond surface pattern – features a 20mm x 20mm relief (with 8mm spacing this gives around 45-55% of total belt surface) with a rating of 0.70 for coefficient of friction.

Available in any width up to 1400mm (?) with varying degrees of shore hardness from 50Sh.A to 70Sh.A. Our belts are designed to run flat and combined with the correct selection of surface pattern will resist deformation under high pressure.

We can provide replacement belts for all sanders. If you have a query, please contact our technical sales team and we will be able to assist in specifying the right belt for your application. Our technical experts have the experience to assist you in selecting the proper belt for your application to ensure optimum running times.

Vacuum belting


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