GB Belting

Plastic Modular Belting


Sealed Edge Belting

Sealed edge belting

This process prevents oil, grease, water, foreign bodies and bacteria from penetrating the belt and compromising your system. This makes for improved hygiene, longer belt service life and consistent product quality.

Round Bend Belting

Round bend belting

Replacement belts to suit all makes and models are manufactured with an X-Y axis cutting table to ensure perfect accuracy, alignment and fit. We stock a wide range of the required guiding components such as eyelets, rollers, bearings, capstans or sewn beading profiles to complete the package.

Depanner Belting

Depanner Belt

Our depanner belting is perfect for in-line depanning of all baked products such as bread, buns (baps) and pizza. Food safe and temperature resistant; they’re an efficient, reliable and a hygienic solution for bakery companies and made to your specification. Retainer rings can be easily replaced for minimal maintenance downtime. Our belts will deliver increased […]

Pillow Flight Belting

Pillow belting

Packing fruit and vegetables can be a delicate process. Soft fruit and vegetables can be bruised or marked very easily, and in the retail environment the cosmetic characteristics of these products are important because customers will not buy bruised or damaged produce. Many of these products are not uniformly shaped, conveying them from the field […]

Vacuum Belting

Vacuum belting

Our vacuum belts are used in many industries and keep flat or lightweight products against the belt during movement or elevation changes. They can be used in systems for food processing, clean rooms, pick and place equipment and joinery products such as doors. Our technical sales team are available to audit your systems and advise […]

Punching Belting

Punched belting

Used in punching machines or automated lines, our materials are abrasion and cut resistant. A high-quality conveyor system supports good punching and cutting quality. Tough and hard wearing our PVC or polyurethane belts are proven in the most challenging situations.

Longitudinal Belting

Longitudinal belting

These belts are used in transfer systems and may be belts or toothed belts. Our manufacturing quality systems and raw material specifications will minimise production halts, material transport losses or equipment damage. They feature high grip and low noise properties.

Lined Belting

Robotic Lined Belt

We’re one of the few UK companies who can supply printed belts for robotics lines. Consistency, clarity and quality are key to keep automated processes running efficiently. We ensure all conveyor belts have clear, durable markings so they can be easily read by robotic machines to trigger operations.