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Pillow Flight Belting

Pillow belting

Packing fruit and vegetables can be a delicate process. Soft fruit and vegetables can be bruised or marked very easily, and in the retail environment the cosmetic characteristics of these products are important because customers will not buy bruised or damaged produce. Many of these products are not uniformly shaped, conveying them from the field […]

S-Drive Belting

S-Drive Belting

GB Belting increases its product range with S-Drive from Mafdel; a food grade, centre-driven, mechanical, positive drive belt system. Manufactured from high performance blue polyurethane with CE / FDA food approval, it is a direct replacement for systems maintaining a minimum pulley diameter at 100mm. Featuring a smooth surface, the system tooth pitch is 40mm and […]

Monolithic – Sprocket Driven Belting

Belting with flights

Do you use modular monolithic belting? If you use modular belts and would like to reduce cleaning time & costs, reduce noise levels in your facilities and use a belt that lasts longer because it’s made of superior materials then GB Belting have the product for you. Solid polyurethane, sprocket driven belts Our belts are […]

Monolithic – Friction Driven Belting

Making a monolithic belt

Solid polyurethane (PU) belting Depending upon the application we can offer traditional solid PU belting with or without tensile members. Our belts are suitable for high loads and heavy impact and the special construction will prolong belt life and improve tracking and general belt performance. Monolithic belts deliver higher efficiency and hygiene standards. They are […]

Vacuum Belting

Vacuum belting

Our vacuum belts are used in many industries and keep flat or lightweight products against the belt during movement or elevation changes. They can be used in systems for food processing, clean rooms, pick and place equipment and joinery products such as doors. Our technical sales team are available to audit your systems and advise […]

Mesh Belting

Polyester Mesh Belt

Meeting the highest hygiene standards Our mesh belts meet the highest demands of hygiene standards and comply with FDA and EC 1935/2004 requirements. All belt parts – screen, stabilising strips, cleats or splice are very easy to clean and support hygiene systems such as HACCP. Applications Mesh belting is mainly used in the de-watering and […]

Punching Belting

Punched belting

Used in punching machines or automated lines, our materials are abrasion and cut resistant. A high-quality conveyor system supports good punching and cutting quality. Tough and hard wearing our PVC or polyurethane belts are proven in the most challenging situations.

Lined Belting

Robotic Lined Belt

We’re one of the few UK companies who can supply printed belts for robotics lines. Consistency, clarity and quality are key to keep automated processes running efficiently. We ensure all conveyor belts have clear, durable markings so they can be easily read by robotic machines to trigger operations.