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How Monolithic belting helped a Food Processor Cut costs

A food Processor in the North East of England was experiencing major issues with belt tracking and fraying of the edges, which were causing issues during their quality audits. The companies production line start with the raw product being dumped into hopper, then the product is then sent via conveyors to blended, sorted and packaged, […]

Can V-Guides help with your Belt Tracking

To help with the positive tracking of your belts, a guide strip is often added onto the underside of the belt, the most common shape used is a V shaped guide, they can also come in a rectangular and square shape as well. We have also developed notched guides for use on smaller pullies. Tracking […]

Major vehicle manufacturer


GB Belting was asked to tender for the supply of process belting to a major vehicle manufacturer. The company manufactures bumpers for various models in their injection-moulding in-house facility. These model ranges from small hatchbacks through to crossovers and SUVs. As new models are produced, the company would mould more variants of bumper components for […]

Selecting the correct conveyor belts for the bakery and snack industries

Bakery and Snacks

If you are handling dough, cooling baked products, cutting, moulding or packaging, GB Belting have the complete range belts for the bakery and snack processing industries. Choosing the correct belt can help to improve your operations in areas such as: Reducing product contamination Reducing down time and maintenance costs Improved hygiene Improved belt life from […]

A guide to selecting the correct belts within the bakery industry


Consumers taste for bread products has changed significantly over recent years and getting the correct belt for the application is very important in producing high-quality bread. It now takes a selection of belts to handle the production processes of the different varieties of breads being made. Traditional white bread consumption is now being replaced with […]

Reducing downtime with better belt fastenings

GB Belting factory

Increasing demands for the reduction in downtime has put maintenance teams in an awkward situation. One of the maintenance manager’s responsibilities is finding products to improve the running of their plant. However, the risks don’t always outweigh the potential rewards. As the maintenance team know how their existing belts perform, managers can develop a plan […]

Selecting the correct conveyor belting

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when you are selecting replacement conveyor belting. Product It is very important to select the correct replacement conveyor belting for the products or materials being conveyed. For example, in metal pressing, a hard polyurethane surface is preferred for its resistance cuts and gouges. Rough top […]

Storing your conveyor belts


It is quite common for organisations to carry extra belts in their facility in case of belt failure or damage, and the closest replacement belts to reduce down time will be the ones you carry in stock, so here are a few storage tips to keep your spare belts pristine. Preventing cambering Ideally to stop […]

How to correctly track a conveyor belt

Keeping a factory running efficiently can be complicated. One of the challenges maintenance teams face is conveyor belt tracking. Aligning a belt so it maintains its path can sometimes difficult. There are many factors that could affect a belt’s ability to be tracked correctly. These are a few things to consider when troubleshooting a conveyor […]

Selecting the correct conveyor belts for the confectionery industries

Monolithic confectionery

Selecting the correct food belt for the application is very important when you are producing high quality confectionary items. The confectionery industry requires the handling of various chocolate and sweet items, all requiring a belt with the relevant properties to handle the application. Environmental and ingredient compatibility The belts must be able to work both […]

Kennedy’s Confectionery Production Industry Article

GB Belting factory

“The monolithic belt can offer a good solution in applications where hygiene is vital and where there is the potential for belt damage during regular operation,” Jeremy Byrne, Managing Director of GB Belting. Read the whole article below.